Bryan Fiese Motivational Speaker

One word that best describes Bryan Fiese is dynamic! Using his broad business background in management, marketing, education and training, this motivational speaker is the one to hear. His “you only live once” outlook on life gives him the rare ability to challenge and enlighten. In a world filled with negative, his electrifying speaking style delivers excitement and sizzle!

Mr. Fiese is the co-founder of Motivated Proformance. He is also the noted author of Two Steps Back, a Lifetime Forward - A Success Guide for Modern Living; Power Presenting; and co-author of The Power of Enthusiasm.

Bryan is famous for presenting at conferences, various workshops, training events, and awards dinners to well over a million people!

From heads of major companies to full-time students, Bryan’s upbeat messages are very popular! His audiences leave with big smiles, increased energy and inspiration due to his humor and charisma.

When Bryan isn’t speaking or helping others succeed in life, he may be soaring through the air on his skateboard, ripping down the trail on his mountain bike, stripping the fairways of a golf course, or hanging off the side of a cliff.

His enthusiasm and passion for life are contagious.

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